Ways To Make Money From Home

Do you have a good educational background but you’ve failed to secure formal employment? Are you formally employed, but you feel the income you earn is insufficient and there is a need to supplement it? Are you physically incapacitated and you’d wish to earn money from home?

If your answer to one or more of the questions above is yes, then there is some good news for you. There are various ways of earning money from home. Some of them are outlined below.

Quick Easy Ways to Make Money from Home

Start Blogging

Are you aware that there are bloggers who generate as much as $1000 every month? If you are good in writing, you can start a blog and write about hot topics such as how to make money and how to lose weight.

Other great topics that can enable you to earn substantial income from blogging are on travelling, cooking, technology, employment opportunities and education.

Fix the mistakes of search engines

Correcting the mistakes of search engines is one of the quick easy ways to make money from home. Google, Bing and Yahoo will pay you to fix errors in their search results. The job involves fixing the mistakes in search results and making them more qualitative, useful and relevant.

Such jobs are available on sites such as; Leapforce, Appen and LionBridge.

Participate in surveys

It’s possible for you to earn substantial income from home by taking part in online surveys. With very little effort, you can generate as much as $500 every month.

Online sites that pay people to participate in surveys include; PaidSurveys, Clear Voice Surveys, Survey Club, YouGov and ProOpinion, among others.

Test websites

Do you have a computer, a good internet connection and plenty of free time on your hands? If you do, consider testing websites in exchange for money.

Many website owners wish to know how easy it is to navigate their websites, and most of them are willing to pay people such as you to test how efficient and navigatable their websites are.

Become a freelance writer

Freelance writing is one of the quick easy ways to make money from home. Do you have a university degree in English and would like to earn money from the comfort of your home? There are thousands of writing opportunities that you can find on sites like iWriter and Upwork.

Download and rate mobile apps

Are you aware that there are companies that pay you to download mobile apps onto your mobile phone and give them five star ratings? Start by buying one of the high capacity smartphones that can accommodate hundreds of mobile apps.

Become a technical freelancer

Freelancing doesn’t just involve writing articles. If you possess technical skills in a certain area of knowledge, you can sign up on sites such as Upwork, Demand Media, People Per Hour and Freelancer, among others, and offer services in technical fields like accounting, web design, engineering, architecture and computer programming.

Become a tutor

Do you have a good educational background and wish to supplement your regular source of income? Why don’t you become a tutor?

Many parents are very busy with work and they’d love to find a tutor who’ll assist their beloved children with school work. Sessions can be conducted in the evenings, weekends, school holidays or any other time that’s convenient for both parties (you and the students).

Venture into Virtual Assistance

If you possess a university/college degree or diploma, but attempts to secure formal employment have been unsuccessful, then why don’t you become a VA?

As a virtual assistant, you job may involve checking emails, conducting internet research and making travel plans on behalf of a virtual boss. The only requirements are a personal computer, good internet connection and a smartphone.

You can find clients on Upwork, Zirtual and many other sites.


So there are many ways that you can make money while at home. These include blogging, fixing the mistakes of Google and other search engines, participating in online surveys, testing websites, online freelance writing, downloading and rating mobile applications, becoming a technical freelancer, tutoring and/or becoming a VA.

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